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Harry Trethowan | SSUSA STAFF

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Harry Trethowan

Scout: New York/New Jersey

Harry Trethowan, from Oxford, England joined the staff of Scholarship Sports USA in the Spring of 2020. Working as a youth coach for the past 10 years, Harry jumped at the chance to join a company that could open doors for players waiting for that big opportunity to come. “It's great to be involved with a company that truly cares about the players. I have no doubt SSUSA will change the career, and lives, of many many young players”


Harry has played Semi Professional football in 3 different countries, most recently with Launceston City FC in the PS4 Victory League in Australia. As well as playing semi-professional football in various countries, he has also coached in 3 different continents. “Exposing myself to football around the world has really broadened my knowledge of the game and has helped me grow as a coach immensely” His coaching highlights include coaching for the AC Milan Academy in Sydney (in which he took his team to the Stefano Gusella Tournament in Turin), overseeing the Launceston City youth program and working with the New Zealand FA. Harry currently holds his UEFA B coaching certificate which he obtained in 2019 from the DFB (Deutscher Fußball-Bund – The German Football Association). 


Harry currently resides in New Jersey, USA and will be the lead scout for the New Jersey/New York region. His family are looking to make a huge move to New Zealand towards the end of the year, at which point Harry will head up the first ever SSUSA branch in the region.

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