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We meet Alex Condell!

We sit down with Irish recruitment officer Alex Condell to get his take on working with SSU!

Interviewer: "Hello Alex, how are you?"

Alex: "Hey! Thanks for having me. I'm doing grand thank you, and yourself?"

Interviewer: "Great to hear. I'm doing very well thanks for asking. Shall we get started?"

Alex: "Perfect. Crack on."

Interviewer: "First of all, what is your role within SSU?"

Alex: "My role with SSU is as a Recruitment Officer, primarily in Ireland, but also around the world. Thus far, I have discovered great talent on my search for excellence, and am currently helping student/athletes achieve their goal of playing at an elite college level Stateside."

Interviewer: "Fantastic, so how do you go about that?"

Alex: "Everyday, my job is to reach out to young and promising players who may be interested in pursuing their academic and athletic careers in America."

Interviewer: "Do you enjoy your job?"

Alex: "Absolutely! I love this job, as I am a former student/athlete that has fond memories of my time abroad. I love sharing in the excitement of helping students find their ideal schools, and following their journey throughout their fours years and on into their professional careers. Soccer and educating youth is my passion. It always has been and always will, and I feel privileged to work alongside a team of expert’s day in day out, that share in the same passion that I have. Enabling students the opportunity to pursue their dream of moving to the US is one I will never get sick of."

Interviewer: "Do you feel that is a sentiment echoed throughout SSU, as a company?"

Alex: "Scholarship Sports USA is the only company I can truly say I would work for in this field, because I know first hand that their service is true and personal. No client is left in the dark on what is the next step in the process, and the work that is put into each client is immense. They care just as much about one client as they do the next, because they know they can play a big role in changing someone’s life for the better."

Interviewer: "Thank you Alex! Is there anything you would like to say to finish?"

Alex: "If you are a young athlete that wants to continue playing soccer and earn a degree at the same time, sign up today, and believe me, what you will receive in return will surpass anything you could have imagined."

If you are interested in signing up for the USA with SSU, please visit our Apply Now page and submit a free assessment form.

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