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US Scholarship to Indoor Pro: Adem Ali

London, England

US Scholarship to Indoor Pro, the story of Guest Blogger: Adem Ali

Adem “Boozle” Ali, from London, England moved across the pond to a small university in the state of Indiana, the home of the Mighty Oaks, Oakland City University. It is here where he tailored his game to “Bamboozle” (hence the nickname) defences and develop his trademark of cutting in from the left, beating his man, (or two!) and slotting the ball into the corner of the net. Adem is this month’s guest blogger as he shares his fascinating story with us, and a little-known fact, he was actually SSU’s first unofficial client before the company was formed.

A brief overview of Adem’s career before he goes into detail below;

Oakland City University

Adem Ali #7 Games: 56

Goals: 38

Assists: 24

Points: 100

Records Broken: 4

'Boozle' went on to sign professional terms with the Evansville Crush, an indoor semi-pro team who could have one professional ‘franchise’ player. Adem Ali was their franchise player. He played a total of 18 games for the Crush, scoring 55 goals, and totting up 17 assists. He finished the season top scorer in the whole of the USA, won the Pro Arena Soccer League (PASL), and was voted into the All-Pro Arena Soccer League First team, the only non-American selection. Ali, was highly sought after and eventually ended up agreeing terms with a professional team in St. Louis, however a bad injury cost him dearly and he had no choice but to turn down the offer. You can click here, to see an interview with 'Boozle' about his time at the Evansville Crush.

The Story of Adem “Boozle” Ali…

“If it wasn't for what is now known as Scholarship Sports USA I wouldn't have had the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life.

It all started on a cold August morning boarding a flight for what I didn't know at the time would be the most rewarding 4 years of my life. Landing in America, and heading towards my camp for the next 2 weeks was both the most nerve wracking and the most exciting. Once there, meeting all my new teammates who would become extremely close friends over the time we were together, it was time for football to begin.

Being from England I wasn't used to, 2-a-days or at times 3-a-days where every session was as intense as the first but I loved every minute of it. What more do you want when you love football than to constantly play and improve yourself. As the season got started again another new experience was fitting your season into the space of 3 months with games every 3/4 days and some even on consecutive days but I adored every minute. Once season is over and after Christmas, spring season was again a totally new concept for me. Not being able to properly train or play as the rules state no training is allowed until March it was time to hit the weights and the gym for cardio. Looking back on it, I wish I took this part a lot more seriously. This was a great time to put on a bit of muscle while keeping your cardio at a tip top shape. Once March hit and the spring friendlies and training started it was time to get used to playing without the outgoing seniors and see what we had left ready for the next season.

After your first season in America, it's easy to take the others for granted. My advice to you. NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED. As once your college career is over, you will never get it back. My 2nd and 3rd seasons progressively got better as I got used to the American style of playing and training and I was lucky enough to peak in my final season of college football (soccer).

I finished my career as: The top total goal scorer in a career in school history - 38 goals, the top total scorer in a single season in school history - 16 goals, the top assist total in a single season in school history - 10 assists, the top total point scorer (goals counted as 2. Assists counted as 1) in a single season in school history - 42 points.

In my Last game as a college athlete, we lost 2-1 in the regional Midwest final. Had we won we would have made the national tournament finals for only the 3rd time in the school’s history. Once that final whistle blew, it was over. Just like that. No more college football. I took some times for granted. I repeat my advice from earlier. NEVER TAKE A MOMENT FOR GRANTED. It's over too quickly.

Enjoy every second of being a college athlete. At times, it doesn't sound like fun (6am training to run) or going off on a timed 5 miles run. But it's all worth it in the end. Away from the football enjoy the college life. Meet new people that will most likely become friends for life. Try things you would have never done! But be sensible as I've seen many an athlete be kicked out of school for not being sensible. Their college careers ended a lot earlier than mine.

Become a college athlete. You won't regret it!! If it wasn't for Scholarship Sports USA I wouldn't have had the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life”.

To follow in the footsteps of 'Boozle', simply click here to fill out a free eligibility assessment form to see if you are eligible to attain a soccer scholarship in the USA.

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